Western Union continues mobile app expansion

Mobile focused solution

The Western Union Company has announced the availability of two mobile applications for use with the Western Union® Speedpay® service. The global payment service provider aims to assist billers in introducing mobile payment solutions to their customers.

Consumers can access and manage their payments using a variety of platforms and devices, including Android, iPhone, and iPad, enabling them to make payments quickly and conveniently, when and where they choose. The app functionality also allows the consumer to access previous payment information for ease of use in subsequent payments.

The second Western Union Payments mobile app offering is specifically designed for billers in the utility industry. The functionality enables utility companies to provide their customers with the ability to view and pay bills, monitor usage, and track and report outages via their mobile devices. The app functionality was integrated with mobile applications offered byiFactor, a company specializing in communications for the utilities industry.

According to the Western Union® Payments Money Mindset Index, online and mobile bill payments are increasingly popular, with 39% of consumers saying they will pay more bills online in 2013, and 12% intending to pay more bills by mobile phone. An additional 11% of consumers say they will use more same-day payments, while 25% of consumers report that they will send fewer checks in the mail to pay their bills.

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