FreedomPay to lead development session on digital wallets

Digital wallet event

FreedomPay will lead a week-long development session at the #DigitalWalletFoundry event, having been invited by Microsoft (view press release). FreedomPay and Microsoft will collaborate with the tech-savvy in a bid to drive innovative development of digital wallet applications. The event will take place March 18-22, 2013 at the Jago building in London.

Colin Kerr, industry solutions director, worldwide financial services at Microsoft, said: “In the past, the payments business was very transactional. Today, social and mobile connectivity means the payments business is an information business. The heart of this is the digital wallet, and Microsoft has identified FreedomPay with its SEEK Commerce Platform as a strategic partner aligned closely with the Microsoft go to market strategy for innovative payment and mobile wallet solutions on Windows Azure and Windows Phone.”

At the event developers can access the full suite of APIs that drive the SEEK Commerce Platform built on the Microsoft platform. The APIs allow the developers to perform traditional and mobile payments, tokenisation and tokenised payments, P2PE transactions, incentives, loyalty and data-as-a-service transactions.

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