Gemalto receives boost from mobile

Positive revenue figures

Digital service provider Gemalto has announced its full year results for 2012 which has been positive with record revenues of EUR2.2bn. This figure is up 9% from the previous year and largely down to the Mobile Communication and Security sectors which generated an additional revenue of EUR204m.

Furthermore, Gemalto surpassed its EUR300m operations objective by a significant 26% growth margin. The company’s swift entry into the mobile payments market is an indicator of its considerable returns in 2012. In addition, its revised offering for the electronic payments and banking sectors generated EUR632m revenue for 2012.

Olivier Piou, Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Gemalto achieved a milestone year, posting record results and delivering faster than planned on what we set out to do: over the past three years we grew our revenue and profit by  close to 40% and 80% respectively, and kept a strong net cash position. In 2012, we also secured a large number of long-term contracts in the mobile payment and government sectors, which will bolster our profitable expansion into the future. With the growth opportunities that we see in front of us, we have reinforced the investments in our businesses, preparing to fulfill the ambitions of our next long-term development plan.”

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