MasterCard hunts for interns through social media challenge

Offering students an opportunity

MasterCard is on a global hunt for Millennials with high hopes and big ideas for a cashless future. The #internswanted campaign pits college students around the world to compete for internships using social media. Applicants are asked to submit an idea for a product, system, app or technique that can help people go cashless in the future.

Successful candidates will validate their application through social media using #InternsWanted— the more likes and retweets, the better the chances for success.  #internswanted launches with a series of webisodes featuring aliens dealing with cash-related issues the world will face in the future.  

The initiative is aimed at students currently enrolled full-time accredited post-secondary institution. The program will be held in six countries starting with the U.S. and Canada followed by Turkey, Italy, Singapore and China for internships in emerging payments, technology, marketing, product management and issuer management.

Students apply by submitting their cover letter and resume along with creative entries including photos, blog posts and videos on LinkedIn. The US campaign will run from March 14 to April 10, 2013. Winners will be notified on April 15.

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