Bluefin Payment Systems integrates payment gateway with CUSI software

Partnering CUSI

Bluefin Payment Systems and Continental Utility Solutions have announced the availability of Bluefin’s secure payment gateway, PayConexTM, integrated with CUSI’s utility billing software.

CUSI provides enterprise solutions to the utility and local government sector.

“We are very pleased that CUSI has chosen Bluefin to provide the convenience, flexibility and security of our payment gateway within their software interface,” said John M. Perry, CEO of Bluefin Payment Systems. “Every company doing business today needs a merchant account and now, CUSI can help their clients get payment processing quickly and efficiently.”

The partnership provides CUSI’s clients with an integrated solution to process customer payments using electronic checks, credit and debit cards online, onsite or via Integrated Voice Response (IVR).

“Today, utility customers demand payment choice while utilities are striving to increase operational efficiency and decrease operating costs,” stated Michael F. Guerriero, CEO of CUSI. “Our combined payment solution not only maximizes customer payment choice but also provides one point of integration, contracting and accounting. Our experienced teams work cohesively together to deliver world class customer service and bottom line results to our clients.”

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