Ingenico announces new partnership deal with MONEX

Partnering Ingenico

Payment solutions provider Ingenico has announced a new partnership with MONEX that will provide Dynamic Currency Conversion (DDC) services for its customers throughout the UK and Ireland.

Using Ingenico’s Axis platform, MONEX specialist Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) solution will allow merchant clients to yield additional revenue, whilst benefiting International customers to expand currency payment options. MONEX DCC will enable Ingenico’s client base to conveniently pay in the home currency of their credit card. MONEX DCC is an add-on customer service available to Acquirers, Merchants, eCommerce and ATMs worldwide. 

The synergy between Ingenico and MONEX means that travellers and consumers will no longer have to worry about calculating currency conversions as each receipt shows the amount in the merchant’s local currency and in the cardholder’s home currency. This makes it easier for travellers to reconcile purchases when paying card balances, greatly enhancing the in store and online experience.

Ingenico’s Axis platform manages payment transactions from the point of sale to the transaction acquirer. The platform supports all types of payment (in store, mobile, self‐service terminal, telephone or on‐line payments) and all payment means (credit card, debit card, loyalty card), in addition to all value added services such as gift cards, prepaid cards, loyalty programs, electronic purses or now MONEX DCC. EMV and PCI DSS certified, it complies with security requirements and goes beyond the scope of the regulations by providing its customers with modules intended to protect them against internal fraud, the theft of sensitive data and system breakdowns.

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