MasterCard’s digital wallet surcharge plan backed by Visa

Visa could follow suit

Amidst MasterCard’s move to increase the fees charged to “staged” digital wallets like PayPal, Visa could be following suit by applying a similar surcharge (according to Reuters).

Visa Chief Executive spoke at the Barclay’s Emerging Payments Forum: “I think it is totally appropriate to do that. Some of the people we compete with started out as one thing and they morph into another thing, and doing things online is very different than doing things at point of sale,” Scharf added. “We are always thinking about those relationships and they have changed.”

“And if they changed enough that we think it warrants us to change something with us, we will do that,” said Scharf. “Allowing data to be passed through to our issuers and then not allowing data to be passed through to our issuers makes us re-think about our pricing and our rules.”

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