Tigo in Columbia selects Gemalto’s Facebook for SIM mobile app

Offering solution in Colombia

Gemalto has announced that Tigo is the first mobile network operator in Colombia to offer mobile access to Facebook using its innovative Facebook for SIM solution. The solution is not restricted by of the type of mobile handset. 

Gemalto´s embedded software application provides interactive, 24/7 access to Facebook from any type of handset, offering a cost-effective alternative for Tigo´s 6.3 million subscribers. Tigo´s users and potential customers will be able to enjoy the service, even without a data plan.

 This SIM with Gemalto´s software application provides Tigo customers with use of core Facebook features such as wall posts and messages, friend requests, status updates and more. To get started, users power on their devices and receive a pop up message informing them about the service. With a click, they are prompted to sign on to an existing Facebook account directly from their SIM menu. 

“Tigo continues to be at the forefront of innovation offering compelling products; in this case, a service that provides users with access to Facebook, regardless of their plan or type of handset. We know that this application is extremely popular among Tigo subscribers in Colombia, where almost 40% of the population uses this social media to stay connected to family and friends1,”said José Galán, Tigo´s Entertainment Manager. “Our goal is to bring advanced services to all users, including prepaid customers who lack a data plan. Today, this is possible thanks to Gemalto´s Facebook for SIM.”

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