Fathead launches Virtual Piggy youth friendly payment system

Offering payment transaction solution

Online retailer Fathead has announced the launch of Virtual Piggy as a secure online payment option on its website.

Through a free Virtual Piggy account, Fathead gives parents the ability to control and monitor their child’s spending account. Minors can freely browse and purchase their favourite Fathead products, while learning financial responsibility at the same time.

“Our products are made for fans of all ages and many times it’s the younger fans who get the most excited when they see their favorite player, team or character,” said Michael Layne , Director of Internet Marketing, Fathead. “With Virtual Piggy, we’re empowering those under 18 to make purchases on their own in a safe, parent approved manner.”

“Virtual Piggy members have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Fathead,” said Dr. Jo Webber , Virtual Piggy Founder and CEO, “From Derek Jeter to Kobe Bryant , Fathead has the ‘must have’ products for teens and tweens from coast to coast.”

Anyone who signs up for Virtual Piggy between April 2013 and November 2013, will receive a 30% off discount code valid onFathead.com. Customers can create a free Virtual Piggy account by visiting Virtualpiggy.com/Fathead.

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