Vibes launches mobile wallet management solution

Mobile focused solution

Mobile marketing and technology firm Vibes have announced the availability of Pass Manager. The solution allows retailers and brands to distribute location-aware mobile experiences and enables marketers to use multiple mobile channels such as text, mobile Web and push notifications in conjunction with the mobile wallet functionality of Passbook. It will be available as part of the Vibes Catapult mobile relationship management platform.

Working with Passbook’s location-aware functionality, it allows retailers to make offers that are timely and relevant to a person’s proximity to a physical retail store. Passbook notifications can be triggered based on a person’s location, serving as a reminder about existing offers, which creates urgency and drives the consumer in store to redeem an offer while it is top of mind and convenient.

“As we’ve seen from our early Passbook client programs, Passbook is becoming a go-to channel for marketers to connect with their audiences,” said Jack Philbin , co-founder and CEO, Vibes. “Passbook not only engages consumers, but drives them to a brand’s physical store, which is becoming more and more of a challenge for retailers today. And, as they look to build more robust and sophisticated mobile strategies, Passbook offers retailers a new tool to leverage to drive increased foot traffic and customer engagement. Bottom line: It’s a must-have for today’s marketers.”

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