Dutch banks and MasterCard join for ‘Debit Card Championships’

Raising consumer awareness on contactless

A group of Dutch banks and card provider Mastercard have joined forces to bring a cashless event to Amsterdam’s shop workers. The ‘Debit Card Championships’ was held in January and saw local artists perform for hundreds of retail workers.

1,700 participants were given PayPass bracelets pre-loaded with EUR7.50 allowing them to pay for drinks with a flick of their wrist. The bracelets featured the same contactless technology that is currently present in small good shops such as coffee and paper shops. Users were also able to check the amount left by holding the bracelet against a terminal.

Organised by the Foundation Promoting Efficient Payments in collaboration with the retail branch organisations, banks and Mastercard the cashless event aimed to, “Stimulate debit card use in their stores and for raising awareness of the safety and efficiency of our payment system.”

SmartDebit often raises awareness of the benefits of both Direct Debit and electronic contactless technology. A spokesperson commented, “The popularity of cashless payments is on the rise and events like this are a great way to raise more awareness about new technology. We continue to see new payment technology everyday with the use of contactless card terminals in numerous stores across the UK and predictions of advanced mobile technology booming over the next decade.”

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