Fortumo launches payments on Windows Phone

Offering solution to Windows devices

Mobile payments provider Fortumo has launched in-app payments for Windows Phone, making it the only third-party payment provider on Microsoft platforms with support for cross-device integration of payments on Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone.

With this update, app and game developers can use a single SDK to activate payments on all Microsoft devices. For the end-user buying virtual coins or unlocking new features, payments are completed with two clicks without having to leave the app.

“With Windows Phone we are seeing a repetition of what happened when Android launched –developers who were initially cautious in porting their apps to the new operating system are starting to see Windows Phone as a viable source of revenue,” said Martin Koppel, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Fortumo. “Our goal is to help developers who are making the move to Windows Phone easily monetize their users globally and with a more broadly accessible, higher converting payment method than credit cards.”

Commenting on the free payment processing offer by Fortumo, John Richards, senior director Windows App Marketing for Microsoft has noted: “Windows Store has already seen great traction with developers due to its unprecedented reach in over 200 markets. Microsoft’s flexibility in monetization and industry-leading revenue sharing gives Windows 8 developers greater potential and more control over their revenue. Through the relationship with Fortumo, there are more opportunities for developers to monetize users in emerging markets.”

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