hyperWALLET announces new services and expanded global payments network

Expanding its service offering

Global payment solution provider hyperWALLET, has announced the availability of new payment services and increased global payment network reach.

“While our aim is to continue to push the price down for global payments, we are also integrating to faster payment networks that are emerging in various countries to reduce the time it takes for recipients to receive a payment,” states Lisa Shields, President and CEO of hyperWALLET Systems Inc.

hyperWALLET has added same day clearing, in the United Kingdom, Europe and Mexico through financial partners in these regions.

In addition to these faster payment services, the company is also introducing a number of other financial partners to provide enhanced payment services in Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Poland, Europe, Canada, USA, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Turkey.

Plans for expansion into other emerging markets are on the agenda. 

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