Virtual Piggy announces expanded relationship with Gaia Online

Partnering Gaia Online

Virtual Piggy, Inc. has announced that it will again be partnering with Gaia Online in a second exclusive promotion.

The initial campaign was designed to drive registration for Virtual Piggy and Gaia Online. Over the first week, Virtual Piggy gained over 10,000 new users and Gaia gained thousands in increased revenue. Currently, there are over 51,000 Gaia users wearing items that were offered exclusively through Virtual Piggy checkout on the site during the promotion.

Gaia Online is one of the Internet’s largest communities, and is currently using the Virtual Piggy technology to remain COPPA compliant, and increase conversion rates of in-game transactions for their younger gamers. Virtual Piggy allows parents to set up a monthly allowance for their children and promote financial management while empowering youth under 18 to make purchasing, saving, and other money management decisions for themselves within the boundaries setup by parents.

The companies plan to launch a second campaign starting April 1, 2013.

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