Juniper Research: Mobile bill payments to grow rapidly

Increasing numbers using mobile

Almost 200 million mobile users will be making bill payments via their mobile by 2017. According to research by Juniper Research, there is an increasing user acceptance and comfort with using push mobile banking and a sharp rise in tablet use for banking purposes.

The report also predicted that the adoption of mobile bill and payment banking by tablet users will be even higher than mobile handset usage.

A spokesperson added, “With online payments accounting for a significant proportion of all bill payments, especially in developed markets, transactions will migrate from the desktop towards tablet devices. Consumers often prefer managing bill payments and transactions via tablet devices compared to smartphones.”

The trend is something that is reflected worldwide as consumer’s knowledge, trust and experience with mobile devices grows and they utilise the convenience and speed of mobile banking. “The statistics are both exciting and enlightening – 200 million users expected in just four years. This highlights the investments being made by manufacturing and retailers a like, in a bid for consumers to be able to make payments simply through their smartphone.”

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