Spindle announces partnership with TruEffect

Partnering TruEffect

Spindle, Inc. has announced it has reached an agreement with TruEffect to integrate Spindle’s MeNetwork mobile marketing platform with TruEffect’s display advertising services. As a result of this partnership, TruEffect will be able to use the MeNetwork platform to deliver location- and time-relevant offers from major retailers and restaurants to consumers through their mobile devices.

Bill Clark, president of Spindle said: “We expect the combination of TruEffect’s First-Party advertising technology with MeNetwork’s robust mobile marketing platform will result in more efficient marketing campaigns and serve the needs of both merchants and consumers.”   

The MeNetwork app is designed to allow merchants to push offers, events, and announcements to consumers who have “subscribed” to the merchants they want to hear from, and this active connection between merchant and consumer has propelled MeNetwork to a benchmark-beating user engagement rate among lifestyle category apps (user engagement rate is the percentage of app downloaders who have used the app at least once in a rolling 30-day window).

Finn Faldi, chief executive officer of TruEffect said: “Integrating mobile marketing with our display advertising platform will result in a compelling solution that we expect will yield both strong penetration and customer conversion rates.”

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