Virtual Piggy now integrated with Oracle’s ecommerce platform

Integrating with Oracle

Virtual Piggy has integrated its technology with the Oracle ATG Web Commerce leading ecommerce solution. This expands the reach of Virtual Piggy’s network, making their COPPA-compliant technology accessible to over 390,000 brands worldwide.

Virtual Piggy allows parents to set up a monthly allowance for their children and promotes financial management while empowering youth under 18 to make purchasing, saving, and other money management decisions for themselves, within the boundaries setup by parents.

“Oracle ATG Web Commerce is one of the worlds leading ecommerce systems,” said Virtual Piggy Founder and CEO Dr. Jo Webber. “This technology integration will allow us to rapidly supply Virtual Piggy as a payment solution for Oracle ATG Web Commerce merchants.”

This is Virtual Piggy’s fourth major ecommerce system integration following eBay’s Magento platform, OsCommerce and DemandWare.

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