Watch distributor partners with Seamless for SEQR mobile payments

Offering mobile solution

Mobile-phone payment solutions company Seamless has entered into an agreement with watch distributer Ur & Penn to introduce the SEQR mobile payment solution. 

The agreement will mean that Seamless will receive a transaction fee for every payment made with SEQR in Ur & Penn shops.

One of the main benefits of SEQR is that it can be easily introduced in a shop, as there is no need to install new hardware or enhance it further with adaptions.

Commenting on the event, Henrik Stiernborg, CEO of Ur & Penn, said “The new mobile society brings many new solutions that are convenient, both for us and the customer. We’re testing SEQR in our five largest shops and, if the trial proves successful, our plan is to implement the system throughout the chain, in all 102 shops.” 

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