Apriva launches mobile POS application

New mobile solution

Wireless transactions and secure information solutions provider Apriva has announced the availability of its AprivaPay Plus application. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, the solution enables merchants to accept and record payments through mobile devices in storefronts and out in the field.

“AprivaPay Plus is the latest iteration of our AprivaPay application, and has been designed from the ground up with specific merchants in mind,” said Stacey Finley Tappin, vice president for sales and marketing at Apriva. “This new and lighter application offers many advanced features and functionalities that are important to small businesses, such as inventory items, photos and enhanced reporting tools that enable our reseller channels to be more competitive in the marketplace. In addition, AprivaPay Plus allows us to continue customised branding efforts for our larger ISO and financial institution reseller channels.”

AprivaPay Plus allows merchants to process card-based cash payments, as well as record cash-based sales, all on their smartphone or tablet. Merchants can set sales tax rates and incorporate tipping right into the app. The app also includes an integrated search feature that facilitates specific transaction retrieval, as well as a feature that allows merchants to create specific inventory groups using bar codes and photos to expedite the sales process.

From a security perspective, the app supports an encrypted card reader which prevents another app from accessing personal information and card information on the device. All transactional information is securely stored on the Apriva Payment Gateway, which eliminates the possibility of customer information being recovered in the event of a lost or stolen device.

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