SecureNet Payment Systems launches mobile payments API libraries

Supporting mobile phones and tablets

SecureNet Payment Systems has announced the launch of its mobile API connectors for iOS developers. Its API libraries support both mobile phones and tablets running the iOS operating system. Streamlining the payments experience within mobile applications, the next generation mobile API libraries enable in-app acceptance of all credit card types, ACH and EBT transactions, and tracking for cash transactions, a feature most mobile payment solutions lack. The libraries also support secure card storage and automated recurring payment functionality.

 “We give our partners the keys to our payment operating system, affording them the ability to design and control their own mobile payments roadmap,” says Brent Warrington, CEO of SecureNet. “Our powerful PayOS platform and easy-to-integrate mobile connectors give developers access to a flexible, adaptive and scalable in-app mobile payments solution with the ability to build their ideal user experience, merchant management functionality, boarding and payment environments.”

The company plans on expanding its mobile libraries to include other mobile development platforms soon and will release its mobile point-of-sale application and hardware at the end of June 2013. Also in late June 2013, SecureNet has announced it will release an advanced suite of developer integration tools, complete with interactive code samples in multiple languages, easy-to-follow quick start guides by acceptance type, a robust self-service development sandbox and specialized support resources.

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