More shoppers signing into retail sites through Facebook

Viable retail channel?

Facebook’s reach into e-commerce is increasing with reports that a growing number of online shoppers are signing into retail websites using their log-in details from the social network. A new report from social log-in firm Janrain claims 57% of consumers accessing its customers’ sites are doing so through Facebook, up from 43% at the same time last year. This is good news for Facebook, which can gather vast amount of data on its users’ shopping habits as it attempts to boost its presence in the e-commerce space. The report says around a third log in using their Google log-ins, 7% with Yahoo! and 2% with Twitter.

Janrain’s report does not focus specifically on the retail sector, but the figures do highlight the growing number of consumers signing into websites using their social log-ins. Nor is this any wonder, with previous Janrain reports claiming around 90% of US internet users are aware of social log-ins and around half of them have tried it.

Facebook E-commerce Ambitions

Facebook is attempting to step up its presence in e-commerce as it looks for new revenue streams and ways to boost its value to brands and companies. One way it is aiming to do this is by providing more metrics, recently launching a tool that  is designed to let retailers track purchases made by users on the social network that were shown their ads. Designed to provide more clarity on how successful the social is in generating sales for retailers, Facebook hopes this will prove there is a link between ads and sales and lead more to spend money on the site.

Targeted Advertising

The firm will now also allow advertisers to target ads to Facebook users’ news feeds based on their browsing history for the first time as part of changes designed to boost the social network’s ad offering and encourage marketers to spend more on the site. The move Facebook’s ambitions to move into a space that has been dominated by Google, which displays ads to users based on their browsing habits. The changes means that users browsing on e-commerce sites such as Zappos could see an ad for the company appear on their news feeds, which is a key way for brands to makes sales after customers leave their site and could help boost Facebook’s revenues.

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