PayToo introduces mobile bill payments service

Expanding its service offering

Paytoo, the mobile wallet platform, has launched a mobile bill payment service called PayToo Bill Payments.

The service enables consumers to use their mobile wallet platform to pay US billers. It can be used to pay utility bills, car or mortgage payments and credit cards, even if they are abroad or do not have a US bank account.

Users can continue to use other PayToo services such as adding credit cards to their accounts, making multi-currency global transfers or redeeming funds from over 1 million ATM’s and PayToo locations. “Our goal is to continue to be the worlds’ leading global mobile wallet solution in the market, providing value to our users through innovative, low-cost and convenient financial services. I am pleased to introduce this new service into our portfolio and am excited about pursuing the launch of other services under the PayToo brand” said Michel Poignant, CEO of PayToo Corp.

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