CLEAR offers expedited travel for Visa Signature account holders

Biometric solution

Visa Signature account holders can now speed through airport security thanks to Visa’s new relationship with CLEAR, the leading biometric identity service used in airport security. Visa Signature account holders can enroll to receive discounted pricing on CLEAR membership with a six-month free trial plus USD60 off the annual renewal rate of USD179. CLEAR’s rapid identity technology brings speed, predictability and service back to travel.

“Visa understands how important it is for account holders to travel smartly and efficiently,” said Caryn Seidman-Becker, Chairman and CEO of CLEAR. “CLEAR’s secure identity platform accelerates travel in the same way that Visa has transformed payments, making it fast, seamless and secure. By working together with Visa to provide this membership, we are giving more travelers the opportunity to have a seamless travel experience. This relationship helps to further our goals of expanding our airport footprint and exploring additional opportunities for CLEAR’S platform in the future.”

 “Visa account holders are seeking relevant solutions to enhance their travel experiences,” said Nick Talwar, head of North America Consumer Credit, Visa Inc. “We know that Visa Signature account holders are frequent travelers, and they expect a superior set of travel rewards and benefits with their account. CLEAR’s platform aligns well with our goals to provide a rewarding and hassle-free travel experience.”

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