GlobalPlatform Launches TSM Seminar

Facilitating debate on NFC

Industry body GlobalPlatform is inviting actors operating in the mobile NFC services space to attend a free seminar on Tuesday 18 June in Madrid, Spain. The inaugural event will share best practice guidance on how the marketplace can deliver global consistency and clear communication, when managing NFC secure applications in an international roaming environment.  

The seminar, entitled ‘GlobalPlatform Presents the TSM of Today and Tomorrow’, will be of interest to TSMs, mobile network operators (MNOs), banks, transit authorities and technology providers who are engaged in the deployment of mobile services. It will provide delegates with an introduction to the GlobalPlatform Specifications that are relevant to actors in the NFC mobile space and a practical insight into how these can be implemented using real-world use cases and through technology demonstrations.

Kevin Gillick, GlobalPlatform Executive Director explains. “GlobalPlatform’s work to support organizations delivering mobile NFC services is the first real global direction the community has had to achieve an international framework. This level of support is being well received and it is great to see standard bodies, such as GSMA, using our common messaging as a basis to develop business processes unique to their market.”

Kevin continues: “The frameworks aim to support new service providers or issuers in deploying implementations faster, by using a simple and pre-customized model. Creating an end-to-end framework which defines how each element of an NFC deployment connects with each other and to the backend office is the final piece of the jigsaw. It brings the whole solution together and shows how GlobalPlatform truly supports the full lifecycle of secure applications in a simple deployment environment.”

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