SecureTrading and Payonomy join forces to boost sales

Partnering Payonomy

UK-based independent payment services group SecureTrading has entered into a partnership with Payonomy Payments to provide a secure Salesforce payment application.

The application combines Payonomy’s innovative card payment solution with SecureTrading’s secure processing. It will be available from both Payonomy and the Salesforce AppExchange.

Many organisations need to switch between their CRM and their virtual terminals when collecting, collating and processing clients’ card payments. The Payonomy Payments and SecureTrading application solves this issue, providing businesses with one single environment to manage and process card payments,saving time, improving security and ensuring everything is recorded inside Salesforce CRM. 

Users of Salesforce will now be able to facilitate credit card payments from inside their CRM and connect directly to the SecureTrading’s Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payments gateway. 

Matt Tully, head of direct debit and payment services said: “Facilitating payment services is crucial for organisations that rely on taking payments at point of sale. This innovative app allows businesses to seamlessly integrate card payments with their Salesforce CRM environment, supported by one of the leading payment gateways in Europe.” 

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