bags USD325,000 to track online spending

Speeding up process of expenditure logging, a Paris-based firm which is soon to launch a dashboard that helps businesses keep track of online expenditure, has received USD325,000 in seed funding in a round led by Kima Ventures with participation from 50 Partners as well as angel investors. claims to speed up the process of logging the expenditure from using online services which normally takes manual effort. It does this by connecting online accounts and automatically collecting expenditure data, which can then be accessed via the cloud. will use the money to help with the launch and to hire three new staff.     

Co-founder and CEO Thomas Guillaumin explains the technology: “Our technology has PDF Parsing to extract vendor, amount, date within native e-invoices & PDF documents. Like Zapier, we also connect through a service’s API (Freshbooks, AdWords, Recurly etc.). But also by scrapping and crawling online accounts like Mint/Yodlee, to get your T-Mobile, Github or Heroku bills for instance.”

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