Alpha Payments Cloud bags USD12m investment

Secured funding

Alpha Payments Cloud, a Singapore-based cloud payment app store, has received USD12m in funding from an unnamed angel investor.

Alpha Payments Cloud, which launched in 2011 and has offices in New York and Dublin, connects banks, merchants and payment product providers to a cloud-based platform which, it claims, increases flexibility and productivity for users. The investment will be used to introduce new cloud payment products.  

According to Oliver Rajic, GPC’s CEO: “The payments cloud introduces new flexibility, product depth, scalability and finally brings the software as a service concept to payments. Resistance will be there, as there always is with such a change, but ultimately it is futile because this is the future. The cloud also liberates us from the hardware restrictions, whereby only the supplier can make changes, but allows for input and changes from multiple sides, including the merchant.”

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