India’s Karnataka Bank reaffirms its confidence in FIS

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FIS  announced that it will continue outsourcing ATM management and debit card processing for Karnataka Bank with additional ATMs. This new deal follows FIS’ recent announcement to significantly expand its ATM outsourcing operation in India. Once the two new ATM projects are fully implemented, FIS will manage approximately 11,000 ATMs across India. The agreement with Karnataka Bank further highlights the operational gains banks in India realize by outsourcing ATM driving and management to FIS.

Having just reached the milestone of 550 operating banks, Karnataka Bank is a growing private sector bank in India. It will be able to focus on core business expansion and customer service initiatives, having outsourced ATM management to FIS.

“Karnataka Bank has held a long-standing relationship with FIS,” said a senior official at Karnataka Bank. “By expanding our relationship to include the management of our ATMs and debit cards to FIS, we are ensuring our continued growth and viability in the market through the ability to provide excellent customer service.”

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