Waitrose planning Visa Easy Payments implementation in UAE

Reducing waiting times

According to reports, Waitrose is planning to launch Visa’s Visa Easy Payments Services (VEPS) throughout its stores in the UAE. As a result, Visa debit and credit card holders will be able to swipe at POS in Waitrose and Spinneys stores without having to enter a pin or provide signature for transactions. However, this will only be available for transactions worth AED100 or less.

The initiative is aimed at reducing queue times and speed up small transactions. Mohanish Agni, head of acceptance for MENA at Visa, said, “Visa is delighted to be collaborating with Waitrose and shortly Spinneys, as part of our ongoing commitment to create the best possible experience for Visa cardholders across the region. As the first offering of its kind in the region, Waitrose and Spinneys customers’ right here in the U.A.E. can enjoy an even faster and more efficient checkout experience.” 

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