UK shopkeepers lose 120 million transactions a year by not taking card payments

Important for businesses to accept

According to International Supermarket News, new figures have revealed the influence and power of the debit and credit card. Cashless transactions were shown to help decide where the shopper made purchases with one if five (21 %) leaving a shop in the past six months without buying anything due to the fact they couldn’t use their card. A further 19 % of customers have avoided a shop altogether because of the same reason with 61 % admitting that they would spend more with a business if they accepted cashless transactions.

A SmartDebit spokesperson commented, “The statistics demonstrate just how much power and effect debit and credit cards have on our everyday lives, so much so that we will avoid shops if we cannot use them. This research highlights just how important it is for businesses of all types and sizes to be able to accept electronic payments.”

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