Rakuten.com signs five-year agreement with ReD

Five year agreement with ReD

Fraud prevention and payment services provider ReD has announced that Rakuten.com Shopping formerly Buy.com has signed a five-year agreement for ReD’s real-time fraud prevention service, ReD ShieldÒ.

Under terms of the agreement, Rakuten.com Shopping will utilise ReD Shield to help reduce the time and costs associated with manual reviews, encouraging a positive buying experience and repeat business.

Commenting on the announcement, ReD North America President Kevin Sprake said, “Our ReD Shield service is designed to support the success of customers like Rakuten by protecting revenues and enhancing the customer experience. Holding down false positives and reducing the need for manual reviews are key criteria against which we assess the value of our service and this focus will let Rakuten continue to grow their business despite potential fraudulent activity.”

The US business of Rakuten is among the top three e-commerce marketplace companies in the world with over 116 million products from over 45,000 shop owners.

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