EHI and Deutsche Card Services publish Europe Payment Report

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EHI and Deutsche Card Services have released their researched on payment transactions in Europe in a publication titled ‘Europe Payment Report’ which aims to “create the basis for a Europe-wide card acceptance strategy for retailers and service providers – for the purposes of e-commerce especially” (view press release).

According to the report, the numerous means of payment and structures in the payment market make monetary transactions in Europe a highly complex business. It highlights the influencing factors, national peculiarities and trends, and compares the ways of payments in different countries.

The report also outlines the stakeholders, the structures, the general background situation, and respective means of payment on the European market and presents the peculiarities of the selected countries in detailed profiles.

The report includes key figures on the European market and online use; information on market players and structures; an introduction to the regulatory frameworks and security methods; and information on technology and costs (e.g. APIs, GUIs, PSP and acceptance contracts.

Country profiles are also given for Germany, France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Spain with key figures on the market and online affinity; Relevant means of payment and their spread; top 10 shops and product groups and relevant players in the payment market.

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