CHARGE Anywhere achieves MasterCard MPOS compliance for EMV MPOS solution

New registered solution

CHARGE Anywhere, a provider of mobile payments software and payment gateway solutions, has registered three mobile payment solutions and achieved multiple MPOS product listings on the MasterCard Mobile Point of Sale Program website (view press release).

The CHARGE Anywhere Mobile Payment Application for iOS, Android and BlackBerry enables merchants to turn their device into a POS terminal and has been approved for the MasterCard MPOS Program with audio jack magnetic card reader/dongle, Bluetooth magnetic card reader/receipt reader/receipt printer, and Bluetooth EMV/Chip & PIN reader.

“As a pioneer in mobile payments, CHARGE Anywhere recognizes the need to actively participate in payment card industry security guidelines and best practices. We are proud to receive the MasterCard MPOS Best Practices Certification and look forward to promoting our inclusion in this program to our partners and customers worldwide,” commented Paul Sabella, President and CEO.

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