Visa: Contactless payment reaches watershed moment

Critical point of adoption across Europe

Visa Europe has confirmed that contactless usage has reached a critical point of adoption across Europe. Monthly transaction numbers across Europe reached more than 19 million in March 2013. Over EUR1bn has now been spent on contactless cards and smartphones equipped with a Visa payWave app.

2013 has seen contactless momentum in the UK grow significantly with 1.5 million Visa contactless transactions being made on London Buses since December, M&S processing over 230,000 contactless transactions every week and the Post Office installing contactless payment terminals in all of its 11,500 branches.

One in four Visa cards in the UK are now contactless:

  • The UK made 5.3 million contactless transactions in the month of March
  • More than £39million worth of contactless transactions in the month of March
  • 22% usage growth quarter on quarter
  • 1 in every 4 Visa cards in the UK are now contactless with 26.9 million cards in circulation
  • 232,000 terminals installed across the country

Anne Van Schrader, Head of Contactless and Mobile NFC at Visa Europe, said: “We’ve been building the contactless ecosystem across Europe since 2007 so it’s fantastic to see consumers recognise its value. Markets like the UK, Poland and Spain are leading the way in contactless usage and we’ve been instrumental in delivering great success stories like the rollout of Visa contactless acceptance on Transport for London’s bus network. By the end of 2013, Europeans will be making over 52 million contactless transactions every month.”


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