PaymentEye 2013 Survey Results Reveal All

Survey Results

Last month we carried out a survey among our newsletter subscribers in order to gain greater insight into how PaymentEye is perceived as a news portal and identify which aspects of our content are most popular and how we can improve our service.

The PaymentEye survey has revealed some interesting facts about our readership demographics, as well as valuable information about user trends and preferences.


Building an executive global community

Our aim here at PaymentEye has always been to deliver the best service and content to allow us to attract a global readership of respected payment industry professionals.

Our survey confirms that PaymentEye subscribers come to us from across the global industry, be it banking (42%), mobile payments (38%), developing technologies (27%) or PSPs (18%). The variety, depth and quality of our content are further evidenced by the proportion of CEOs, directors and executives in our subscription list (77%).


Staying connected

PaymentEye’s audience makes up a thriving and expanding multi-platform community, with 1,600 Twitter followers actively commenting on and retweeting our content, industry experts regularly featuring as guest writers on our blog and over 2,500 views clocked up on our video channel, covering interviews with world renowned executives from companies such as PayPal, VeriFone and Ingenico.

The survey results reflect the breadth of this reach, showing that our audience find us via a range of sources including social networking sites (30%) such as LinkedIn and Twitter, colleague referrals (17%) and word of mouth recommendations (12%).

Across the board, our social networking statistics are encouraging, showing that over half of our readers have connected with us either through Twitter (9%), Facebook (6%) or LinkedIn (47%). Even while this confirms PaymentEye’s reputation as an engaging multi-channel news service, we are already working hard to ensure that the other 50% begin connecting with us via these platforms.

Producing quality content

We know that no matter how our readers find us in the first place, the thing that will keep them coming back and recommending us to others is the quality of our content.

It was, then, particularly important for us to learn that this is an area where our audience rates us highly, with 100% of classing themselves as either extremely (12%), very (61%) or moderately (25%) satisfied with the content we provide. This is echoed by high reported levels of engagement, with the vast majority of readers (69%) clicking through to the site at least once a day, demonstrating that our daily email updates remain relevant and useful to our subscribers.

Over 70% of survey participants would describe PaymentEye’s content as both up-to-date and informative. Insights (53%) and product launches (63%) are of most relevance to readers, who regularly engage with content through sharing opinions on pieces through LinkedIn as well as joining discussions on the PaymentEye blog.

We have also taken note of suggested areas for expansion that emerged in the survey, and are already acting on requests to include a greater focus on emerging market regions in Africa and Asia.

Looking to the future

As a publication focused on technological innovation, PaymentEye is committed to growing and developing its own digital strategies.

Our survey results affirm that this is an area of keen interest for our subscribers, with over half (55%) of users already accessing news through mobile and tablet devices and the same proportion telling us that they would find a PaymentEye app useful. We are now actively exploring the scope for PaymentEye to go mobile through an app interface as part of our development plans.

In addition, we intend to capitalise on the huge interest we have seen in our video channel, growing this output and strengthening our multi-channel capabilities through exclusive video coverage of industry events and conferences, as well as insights with company CEOs.

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