Handpoint is first PCI-accredited P2PE Mobile POS application

PCI accredited

Handpoint, the mobile payments company is the world’s first provider of Mobile Point-Of-Sale (MPOS) solutions to have a P2PE application certified by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

 “P2PE represents a significant breakthrough for the enterprise mobile payments market,” says David Gudjonsson, CEO and co-founder of Handpoint. “We have utilised P2PE to overcome the barriers that have prevented enterprise retailers in Europe from embracing mobile payments; namely concerns over security, compliance and integration. Handpoint’s PCI-accredited MPOS application reduces the burden on enterprise retailers to gain individual PCI accreditation, in terms of cost and time, and represents the most secure way to introduce Mobile Point-Of-Sale.”

This is an important step towards a change in the way enterprise retailers comply with PCI standards. Enterprises will soon be able complete a simple self-assessment form – in the same way as small and micro merchants – rather than undergo regular security certification audits. This new approach to compliance represents a significant saving for enterprises; eliminating the need for costly PCI accreditation and annual auditing.

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