BlackHawk Network and Monitise enhance mobile gift card purchasing

New agreement with BlackHawk Network

Prepaid payment network Blackhawk Network, Inc. and Monitise plc have announced an agreement to make mobile gift card purchasing available to consumers through certain banks and financial institutions in the US. The companies aim to expand this relationship into other markets in the future.

 Prepaid gift cards from Blackhawk Network’s popular GiftCardMall will be available to consumers for purchase from participating banks and payment companies’ mobile wallets, powered by Monitise. 

The new partnership provides customers with access to gift cards on the go, making these purchases convenient, building loyalty with their preferred financial institutions, and opening the door to more innovative mobile offerings. Easier consumer access to Blackhawk’s network of content providers is expected to increase engagement with popular retailers and create new opportunities for customers to purchase directly from their participating financial institution’s mobile banking platform. 

“We believe that consumer demand for gift cards is increasing around the world and with it the expectation that access to mobile offerings will allow consumers to make purchases whenever they want,” said Tim Attinger, Group Vice President, Strategy and Innovation at Blackhawk Network. “By working with Monitise, we are helping its bank partners bring great retail brands and consumers together with new revenue opportunities and marketing applications. We are also excited about the overlap between certain of Blackhawk’s global content and Monitise’s international footprint and aspirations.”

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