Visa: contactless cards convenient and secure

Contactless growth in Poland

According to Visa, its card security, including contactless security, stays at the highest level on record for the second year running, with Polish Visa cards performing much better than Europe’s average, according to the latest fraud statistics. Following Visa Europe’s investments of more than one billion euro in security technology and infrastructure over the past six years, the Visa fraud index in Europe has fallen to the lowest level ever, registering just 0.04%, or 4 eurocents per EUR100 euro spend on Visa cards, for the past two years. And the figure for Poland is a tenth of the European average, meaning 4 eurocents per EUR1,000 spend on Visa cards.

EMV chip standard is supported in Poland by all electronic POS terminals and all ATMs, with Visa chipcards available from all Visa Europe member banks in our country. Among all Polish-issued Visa cards, nearly 90% are chipcards and close to 40% are Visa contactless cards.

The chip embedded in the Visa card keeps some data secret and protected against deciphering, it also makes possible a selective reading of the data stored in its memory — and, most importantly, it generates unique digital code for each transaction based on advanced cryptographic security. These signed transactions are verified by Visa and the issuing bank, and the technologies employed preclude forgery or generating successive transactions.

“We admire and congratulate Visa Europe issuers and acquirers for the adoption of EMV chip solutions which, while providing the highest security level and novel functionalities, have made possible a spectacular growth of Visa contactless payments in Poland,” said Kuba Kiwior, Visa Europe Country Manager for Poland. Poland stands out in Europe with the highest number of Visa contactless transactions.

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