Victory for Barclays at Hackathon

Successful event

The Birdback Payments 3-day hackathon took place last month. After initial talks by Birdback, Datacash, Braintree and Anil Aggarwal from Money 2020, 60 developers headed to the comfort of the Google Campus cafe and assembled into 12 teams.

Creativity was at its peak, driven by coffee, Red Bull cans and some energising talks with sponsoring payments companies and featured APIs from: Birdback, Braintree, Datacash and Twilio.

A panel of judges was formed including Jonathan Galore (Wonga CTO), Michael Rolph (The Anthemis Group), Darren Oddie (AgileCI CEO) and Thomas Hellddroff (head of innovation at Datacash). A combination of Passbook and Birdback card-linking API won third place with none other than the one-man team “Passforce”. Second were “Chippin” with their NFC powered charity box. Victory fell upon the team from Barclays with their gamified loyalty solution for merchants, Credcog, and took home the 3D printer. Team-X from Paypal won the award for best hack, using the Braintree API, the award was givden by Juan Benitez (Braintree CTO).

We are very pleased with the outcome of the Birdback hackathon. “Trans-hacktion” was the first payments hackathon of its kind in the UK. We aimed to bring together legacy payment players, disruptive Internet payment start-ups and creative developers under one roof. Our intention was not only to highlight innovation in payments but also to encourage it, and put it into action over the course of a weekend. The results were outstanding. With the help of our partners like the Anthemis group, Datacash and Braintree we are encouraging and facilitating the teams to further develop the products they created over this weekend.” Hafez Rafirasme from Birdback.

Birdback Payments Hackathon 2013 from Nicolai Watzenig on Vimeo.



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