MasterCard and Kount partner to help merchants fight e-Commerce fraud

Fighting fraud with Kount

MasterCard Worldwide and Kount, a provider of fraud prevention and management technology, have announced an agreement to make MasterCard’s Expert Monitoring Fraud Scoring for Merchants available to Kount and its merchant customers.

MasterCard’s Expert Monitoring Fraud Scoring for Merchants Application Programming Interface (API) improves an online merchant’s ability to detect and prevent fraudulent purchases. With this tool, that leverages the strength of the MasterCard network and data insights,  MasterCard provides merchants with a highly accurate predictive fraud score that gives broader insight into card behaviour beyond what merchants can see on their own.  This means that merchants can more accurately detect fraudulent transactions, as well as lessen the potential of declining valid transactions.  

Kount is the first company to offer the MasterCard Expert Monitoring API to merchants. Via the API tool, Kount is integrating the Expert Monitoring fraud score into its advanced merchant fraud prevention platform in order to help ecommerce merchants minimize the risk of losses resulting from fraudulent online transactions.

“This is truly a service designed with merchants in mind,” says Johan Gerber, Group Head, Processing Products for MasterCard.  “It offers merchants and fraud solution providers a way to easily integrate the Expert Monitoring risk score into their fraud detection systems – meaning they can enjoy the immediate benefits of the additional insight without a lot of work on their part.  It’s an immediate win for them.” 

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