Gemalto expands Japan’s mobile NFC ecosystem

Expanding NFC in Japan

Gemalto has announced its selection by SoftBank Mobile for the commercial launch of mobile NFC services in Japan. This launch further expands Japan’s NFC ecosystem, with two major mobile operators having launched NFC services, powered by Gemalto’s Allynis Trusted Service Management (TSM) solution. Open and scalable, the TSM infrastructure allows operators to easily bring new service providers into the ecosystem. The solution is hosted in Gemalto’s secure data center based in Singapore, providing 24/7 availability to ensure business continuity for SoftBank Mobile.

With Japanese banks increasingly throwing their weight into mobile payment services, Japanese mobile subscribers will have more access to a rich portfolio of NFC services which also include e-ticketing and loyalty programs. The support of NFC international standards now allows contactless service interoperability across all mobile operators and service providers. In addition, SoftBank Mobile will be able to offer NFC services in Japan and abroad, opening the door to cross-border commercial agreements which will greatly benefit Japanese travelers overseas.

“Gemalto’s expertise in NFC, drawing on more than 40 commercial TSM projects in progress, brings unrivaled understanding in managing NFC complexity and underlying security,” said Mr Hironobu Tamba, Vice President, Product & Service Division, SoftBank Mobile. “Gemalto’s end-to-end solution secures the back-end and allows SoftBank Mobile to focus on developing value-added mobile NFC services. We are excited to be able to offer our subscribers a richer mobile experience through NFC, via services like mobile payments and real-time couponing.”

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