FIME: NFC product certification needs to balance security, functionality and cost

Security in NFC is paramount

FIME the advanced secure-chip testing provider has published a white paper that explains how the security framework for delivering near field communication (NFC) mobile services needs to evolve to meet the business and technical requirements of all NFC stakeholders.

The free to download document focuses on the work of industry body, GlobalPlatform, to clarify and simplify the security certification process to achieve an approach which balances security, functionality and cost requirements.

The white paper, entitled The NFC Security Quiz: 6 Key Questions Answered, emphasises that all NFC stakeholders must understand their liabilities, undertake a risk assessment, seek clarity on areas of responsibility and investigate ways to confidently optimise security. This creates a ‘security chain’, which FIME believes every actor engaged in the NFC sector must actively support.

“Achieving the highest level of security, without compromising usability and within a framework that meets the commercial limitations and technical requirements of the diverse NFC community, is a key challenge for the industry,” says Christian Damour, Security Business Line Manager at FIME. “Finding this balance is also a priority, as any security breaches at this stage of implementation could discourage adoption and have a devastating impact on the industry.”

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