European retailers expecting to overcome international expansion challenges

Attention to e-commerce strategies

ChannelAdvisor , a provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions that enable retailers and manufacturers to increase global sales, has announced the results of a market survey indicating that many European retailers are planning to expand internationally within the next two years, yet still view the UK and continental Europe as the best commercial opportunity for e-commerce.

According to the research, conducted at Catalyst Europe 2013,  17% of European retailers are anticipating expansion into Asia within the next two years (in addition to 17% that are already selling into Asia), compared with 21% who expect to expand into North America (in addition to 34% that already sell into North America). It is also expected that a further 13% of European retailers will expand to South America in the next two years, increasing from the 23% who currently operate in this region today. However, retailers are not overlooking the UK and European e-commerce markets. The retailers surveyed are very active in these ‘home’ regions with 91% active in the UK and 71% active in other European countries.

“It is extremely positive to see that retailers have not simply adopted a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach to international expansion, and are instead weighing up their options for cross-border trade,” commented Zoe Ripley, Marketing Director, EMEA for ChannelAdvisor. “As we can see, substantial percentages are already centring their e-commerce activity in the UK, Europe, Asia and North and South America, with more expected to venture into these markets in coming years. After the practical advice and workshops at Catalyst EU, attendees and ChannelAdvisor customers alike are equipped with the tools and services to fuel their expansion plans and cross-border trade strategy.”

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