Tech Companies power first-ever dual-purpose debit/ID card

Production partner

Praxell, a prepaid card program manager; card marketing and production partner Arroweye Solutions, Inc.; and secure payment and ID solution provider ABnote have combined their capabilities to produce and fulfill an award-winning, first-ever combination municipal identification and banking card.

“At Praxell, we are always excited to provide our clients custom, fully integrated card programs. With this groundbreaking program we are adding a photo ID, and providing a great utility to the cardholders,” said Moshe Golomb, Praxell’s Founder and CEO.

The card program, developed by SF Global for the City of Oakland, California, is the first to provide a secure identification and banking solution to the unbanked community. Arroweye’s patented digital on-demand technology enables the high level of customisation required to produce each individual card, which includes a photo ID and other personal identification information.

“Producing these cards requires a high level of customization and precision that Arroweye is uniquely qualified to fulfill,” said Arroweye Solutions President and CEO Render Dahiya. “Our digital on-demand solution provides unparalleled flexibility in card imaging and the accuracy required to maintain the program’s identification component.”

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