Seamless to launch SEQR mobile payment solution in Kuwait

Partnering with McDonalds

Kuwait International Bank and McDonald’s are initiating a partnership with mobile payments company Seamless concerning the pilot launch of the SEQR mobile payment solution in Kuwait (view press release) with the aim of enabling consumers to make quick and secure payments using their mobile phones, while also allowing merchants to reduce their transaction costs.

The agreement will make Kuwait International Bank the first financial player in the Middle East to choose SEQR as a mobile payment solution.

According to Peter Fredell, Group President and CEO of Seamless: “We are very much looking forward to working with Kuwait International Bank to introduce SEQR on the Kuwaiti market. As well as being in a very intensive phase of expansion for SEQR on an international level, Seamless has already been established in countries worldwide. This means that we have the experience required for international setups.”

“The launch of SEQR on the Swedish market has been very successful, and we hope that our partnership will help to make life simpler for many consumers in Kuwait,” he added.

To pay using SEQR, customers need to do use the SEQR app to scan a QR/NFC code at the POS terminal and then approve the payment by entering their PIN.  Customer receipts are also collected on their mobile phones.

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