Visa contactless will be available at German Shell stations

Offering alternative payment method

From Spring 2014 Shell will introduce contactless and mobile payments with Visa at all Shell petrol stations in Germany. Shell customers will be able to pay indoors at all 2,200 Shell petrol stations in Germany in a fast and convenient way with their contactless Visa card, or a NFC compatible smartphone. This also includes payments with contactless V PAY debit cards.

The changeover to new contactless terminals will be completed by early summer of 2014. For contactless payments, cardholders simply hold their contactless Visa card or smartphone in front of the terminal. Up to an amount of EUR25 customers can pay contactless or mobile without entering a PIN or providing a signature; for higher value payments, the cardholder authorizes the transaction with his PIN or signature. This new, customer-friendly service allows Shell to prevent queues at the check-out. Especially the purchase of low-value goods at highly frequented petrol stations can be processed in a much quicker way.

“Shell stations not only offer high quality fuel, but also products for daily use. In the near future, our customers will be able to pay with Visa contactless cards in a convenient, fast and easy way when buying petrol as well as coffee, drinks, snacks or magazines. Thereby, queues at the counter will be shorter and our service quality will further increase“, says Jörg Wienke, Head of Shell’s Retail business in Germany.

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