Payment software iyzi Payments lands USD1.4m

Single interface

Payment service iyzi Payments has raised USD1.4m from Pachicle Invest, Beenos Asia, SpeedInvest and a number of angel investors. Istanbul-based izyi Payments was founded last year and says the investment will be used to continue expansion in Turkey.

Last year, iyzi Payments launched izyico, its first software product, which is designed for e-commerce firms and international merchants to handle financial transactions within a single interface. The business describes its software as specifically adapted to Turkey’s market .

“Integrating and handling payments is a challenge for online merchants all over the world, and there is no difference in Turkey.  Our goal is to simplify handling payments for merchants, and to offer a “fast and easy” way to integrate payment methods with the check-out process while always  remaining PCI-DSS compliant. “ says iyzi Payments CEO Barbaros Özbugutu 

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