Video Exclusive: Interview with Handpoint CEO David Gudjonsson – Part 1 of 2

Exclusive insight with David Gudjonsson

PaymentEye recently welcomed Handpoint CEO David Gudjonsson to our Hammersmith headquarters to discuss the mobile payment company’s expansion in the space, as well as current trends.

Handpoint offer mobile payment solutions to individuals and businesses world wide. With Handpoint, customers can accept chip&PIN card payments with their smartphones, tablets, handhelds and PCs. Moreover, the company has a complete end-to-end payment solution including a fully hosted PCI-DSS certified payment gateway for both authorisations  and settlements.

In the first part of this interview we gain an insight into David’s background and the process behind Handpoint’s position as an established name in the payments space. Moreover, we discuss the most prominent and emerging trends in the current mobile payments space.

“We are the first mPOS application in the world to recieve certification for PCI, point-to-point encryption. This is not only fantastic news for Hnadpoint but also for merchants.” Said David Gudjonsson.


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