Data analyst DataTorrent raises USD8m

Big Data is key to new solutions

Data analytics software DataTorrent has raised USD8m in a round of funding led by August Capital. DataTorrent is a data streaming platform that is built on Hadoop 2.0 technology.

The firm describes its product as being different from rivals because it sends real-time notifications. This enables businesses to make faster decisions based upon data analysis and click-through rates. The Californian company raised USD750,000 in seed funding last year and claims its platform is fault tolerant and design scalable.

“DataTorrent is at the forefront of the next wave of solutions that will empower companies to use Big Data in innovative and exciting ways,”
said David Hornick, a partner with August Capital. “We are investing in DataTorrent as we expect it will open up new and easier possibilities for businesses looking for comprehensive, real-time Big Data solutions.”

“We’re on the verge of a tectonic shift between just knowing about what’s going on and being able to act on it,” said Phu Hoang, co-founder and CEO of DataTorrent. “Not only does DataTorrent offer companies working on Big Data a way to know what’s happening with their business in real-time, but we enable them to act on it in real-time as well. We are pleased to be leading this shift in the industry.”

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