MasterCard launch prepaid currency card in Canada

Cash is stored more securely

MasterCard Canada and subsidiary Access Prepaid Worldwide have announced the launch of Cash Passport Prepaid MasterCard Currency Card, in time for Canadians travelling locally or abroad this summer.

The Cash Passport allows you to pre-load your travel money at millions of ATMs, shops and restaurants worldwide. For travellers, prepaid cards are a more secure alternative to the once-popular Travellers Cheque or large sums of cash.

 “We develop innovative ways to make paying for travel a seamless experience, and the Cash Passport delivers a convenient, budget-friendly way for Canadians to manage their money while travelling locally or abroad. Canadians looking to get on the road should feel comfortable knowing their cash is stored securely on the prepaid Cash Passport,” said Tom McTague, VP, Prepaid at MasterCard Canada.

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